Psychological operational behaviorism

Confining myself, then, from here on to psychological operational behaviorism, let me attempt to sketch in the general outlines of the latter. For, as I see it, such a psychological operationalism does no more than give a list of, and attempt to indicate the true functional interrelationship between, the actual types of experiment being done today in psychology.

Psychological operationalism presents three main theses:

  1. It asserts a list of intervening I’s.
  2. It asserts certain laws or functions whereby these I’s result from the S’s, P’s, H’s, T’s, and A’s, and from each other.
  3. It asserts certain further laws or functions whereby the final behavior B results from combinations of these I’s, as well as from S’s, P’s, H’s, T’s, and A’s.

The schema on page 120 indicates my formulation of these three assertions. This schema is, of course, tentative. It will surely need revision before it can be adopted wholeheartedly. I present it, nevertheless, because I believe it to be correct in essence. I believe that even now it is a pretty fair summary of what psychology today is actually, operationally, doing.