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Photograph of the chair
Definition of the word ›chair‹

Siegel, Jeanne (1970): Art as idea as idea. Jeanne Siegel interviews the conceptual artist, Joseph Kosuth. New York: WBAI-FM. Erstaustrahlung 07.04.1970. Dauer 30:00 Min.

I used common, functional objects — such as a chair — and to the left of the object would be a full-scale photograph of it and to the right of the object would be a photostat of a definition of the object from the dictionary. Everything you saw when you looked at the object had to be the same that you saw in the photograph, so each time the work was exhibited the new installation necessitated a new photograph. I liked that the work itself was something other than simply what you saw. By changing the location, the object, the photograph and still having it remain the same work was very interesting. It meant you could have an art work which was that idea of an art work, and its formal components weren’t important.