013 Cybernetic Theatre

In a real life dramatic presentation, some of the outcomes are determined by the Structural Situations of axiom (8). Thus the initial scene is necessarily always determined by a structural situation. Similarly, in a musical show, most of the songs and all of the large production numbers would be of this calibre. This programme does not, of course, account for the complete organisation of a dramatic presentation but a sufficiently accurate account is provided by the programme in DIAGRAM 5. Given an outcome, say the n-th outcome , the A audience receives metainformation from 𝝰, and the B audience receives its metainformation from 𝝱. The A audience preferences and the B audience preferences are interpreted by 𝝰 and 𝝱 to yield advice to A and B who choose amongst the allowed alternatives at the n-th stage in the plot to determine the n+l-th outcome . In DIAGRAM 5 we have shown the set of n+2th outcomes as the end of a scene to indicate the position of an identification point at which members of the audience are allowed to reidentify themselves with the characters. Thus the composition of the A audience and of the B audience is able to change at this instant and when the plot is continued the identification memory will contain an image of the audience choice of identification resulting from their experience up to the n+2th stage in the dramatic presentation.